Attached is the Time, Talent, and Treasure survey for Holy Rosary Parish.  We ask that you take some time to read and pray over the number of opportunities that are available to you to give back to the parish.  Please print out the survey, fill it out, and return it to the parish center office as soon as possible.

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  default Stewardship Commitment (2.26 MB)

Attached you will find the Here I Am Booklet for Holy Rosary Parish.  This booklet highlights the many service opportunities there are in our parish.  Please take time to look over the booklet and if you are interested in any of the opportunities, please call the contact person and visit with them about that opportunity.

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pdf Here I Am Booklet - Service Opportunities (HR) (372 KB)

The Holy Rosary Stewardship Council is providing envelopes for the children's offering.  They are found at the entrances of the Church.  Feel free to take some home and have the children write on the envelopes how they are being good stewards.

Recently, a child of Holy Rosary was glad to have cleaned their room.  Another shared that he helped watch his baby brother.  We will share other ways our children are showing us the way to stewardship.