I hope everyone is having a great summer.  I am excited for the school year which will start on August 21, 2019. 

Third grade is a big step for most kids. We will study parts of speech, vocabulary words,different types of writings, maps,globes,multiplication, division,story problems, cursive, and much more. Be ready to work!   


Here is a list of supplies you will need - 

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, (pick 2 of the 3)

#2 pencils, 2 packages, sharpened

Traditional hard eraser

Scissors with metal edges, pointed ends

1 Dry Erase marker

Pencil bag or box

1-1” 3-ring binder

4 oz. Elmer’s glue (white only)

Ruler with inches and metrics

Pencil top erasers

6 folders w/pockets

2 glue sticks

5 book covers - no stretch covers*

Can purchase at school or use brown

Paper grocery bags.

1 composition notebooks*

Highlighter 1


2 boxes of Kleenex

2 containers antibacterial wipes (Clorox/Lysol)

1 pack loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

No hand-held pencil sharpeners

No mechanical pencils

2-3 red pens


Music: 1 folder



A little about me - 

I am a 1983 graduate of St. Agnes Academy. All seven of my siblings and my mother are also graduates of St. Agnes Academy. I am also a 1987 graduate of Chadron State College. I taught in rural schools and later substituted throughout the Alliance Public Schools, St. Agnes and the rural schools while still open.

I am married to J.J. Smith who co-coaches the St. Agnes Academy boy’s basketball team.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with family and friends, bike riding, gardening and doing genealogy research.