Hello St. Agnes students and families!

Music is off to a "singing" start already this year.  We have taken time during these first weeks of school to experiment with our new instruments.  We have used them to help us tell stories, to read written music, and to learn about the different sounds that can be made with them.  We were able to purchase a variety of new things with the money from our Yankee Candle sales.  We have a new classroom cajon (a large box- style drum), resonator bells, glockenspiels, guiros, triangles, and their favorite... a steel drum!  Thank you so much for making the candle sales such a successful fundraiser.  Our school is fortunate to be able to offer music education to ALL students multiple times each week.  What a blessing.  

In upper grades, we have been brushing up on our music reading skills.  I have chosen some simple and FUN songs to start the year as we review skills that may have become rusty over the summer.  Note- naming and rhythm have been major focus areas for us as we play and sing together.  Grades 6,7, and 8 have been using Boomwhackers.  3rd and 4thgrades are using Latin instruments, learning how to add sounds gradually to create complex rhythms and sounds.  6th graders have learned 3 chords on ukuleles and are also focused on learning to tune them.  

We have taken some time this week in upper grades to also learn about the show West Side Story.  We have discussed the social issues of the time and the ground-breaking music and dance of this famous musical.  We have watched and listened to how the creators of West Side Story blended Latin dance and instruments with elements of jazz, big band, bebop, and American folk music to create a unique and new style which conveyed the tension and issues presented in the musical.  

4th grade recorders are in!  The students are very, eager to begin playing.

8th graders have already begun thinking about their music selections for the bells at Christmas.  We have some exciting new things coming, and the kids are eager to start playing bells! 

Music is truly a time for relaxation and enjoyment for our students.  Thanks for supporting St. Agnes Music. 

Mrs. Higgins