Sending students to St. Agnes involves the commitment to a binding legal contract.  This contract requires that all families pay in full for services rendered.  Monthly tuition payments begin in July and end in June as the fiscal year for the school budget is from July to June. Parents also have the option of paying their child’s tuition in one lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year.


One Student $206.67 $2480.00
Two Students $372.00 $4464.00
Three Students $496.00 $5952.00
Four Students $620.50 $7440.00


One Student $240.00 $2880.00
Two Students $405.33 $4864.00
Three Students $529.33 $6352.00
Four Students $653.33 $7840.00

To qualify for in-parish tuition, families are required to donate $300.00 per fiscal year to the Holy Rosary Church, beginning with at least their Kindergarten year, unless they are new to the parish.  Contracts are sent for the ensuing school year by June 20th, and the first payment must be received on or prior to July 20th, with all payments due by the 20th of each month.  Families may pay more than one month’s tuition if they want, but tuition must be paid in advance. July and August tuition is paid prior to registration in August. Monthly billing will accrue. A 1.5% or $3.00 minimum late fee will be charged to all delinquent accounts.  If a family becomes two months delinquent in tuition payments, two options are available.  The parents may request a meeting with the Principal of St. Agnes Academy and the Pastor of the Holy Rosary Church to discuss payment alternatives or the parents may withdraw their child from St. Agnes Academy. If no contact has been made when the payment has become 60 days delinquent, the account will be turned over to a collection agency.


Parents Inc. Dues are $5.00. Individual teachers may have book fees, especially for Literature or Art


Students are personally financially responsible for any school property destroyed or marred. All fines, such as library overdue charges, must be paid before final report cards are issued.


Any fundraising project sponsored by Parents Inc., Student Council, or any other organization or class must be approved by the Administration and by the Board of Education. Expenditure of funds raised must also be approved by the Administration and Board.


St. Agnes does not provide any form of supplemental health insurance. All students attending St. Agnes are required to have health insurance. Please contact the school administrator if you have problems finding coverage for you student.



Regular attendance is the responsibility or the student and parents. Frequent absenteeism may jeopardize the student’s continuation at St. Agnes or may cause retention in a grade for the coming year. When students are unaccounted for and we are unable to reach parents, a Resource Officer from the Alliance Police Department will be called.


If you student is absent, please call the school office between 7:45 a.m. And 9 a.m. If the school is not notified by 9:00 a.m., the parent is called. In order to assure the safety of all, St. Agnes faculty want to account for each student. If the office cannot reach a parent, A Resource Officer from the Alliance Police Department will be called to check on the student. The student is to check in upon his/her return with a note signed by the parent starting the date and reason for the absence.


1. Excused absence: Absence excused by the parent and approved by the administration such as personal illness, death in a family, funeral of a close friend or professional appointments. Please attempt to make appointments for after-school hours.

2. Unexcused absences: Absence not approved by the administration such as truancy, leaving school without permission, suspension, forgery of signature on excuses, work, shopping/beauty appointments, oversleeping.

3. Pre-Arranged absence: Absence for which a student has received prior to permission from both parents and administration at least 24 hours in advance.

4. Extended absence: Consult the Principal if a pattern of unexcused absences develops and the parents are not working with the school, one or more of the following may occur to correct this pattern:

1) Request for the withdrawal of the student from St. Agnes.

2) Involvement of Child Protection Services to help assure that the child attends school regularly.

3) Involvement of the Board of Education and/or Pastor of Holy Rosary Church.


Announcements are read over the intercom during first period. Students take turns reading the announcements. Students may contribute to the announcements with the approval of a faculty member.


Bicycles and scooters may be ridden to and from school. They may not be ridden on the playground at any time. It is suggested that they be locked during school hours for security. They are to parked near the building in the bike racks. They are not to be parked at the entrances. St. Agnes is not responsible for any unlocked bicycles which are stolen during school hours.


The Building is open from 7:30 to 4:00 p.m. The school is responsible for the students from 7:55 a.m. To 3:15 p.m.. No supervision is provided after school. The students are to go home immediately after dismissal.


No student may be questioned on school premises by anyone other that a staff member, including civil authorities, without full knowledge of the parent and the school administration except when the student’s safety is in question. If questioning does take place at St. Agnes, it is done in the presence of the administration.


Parents are always welcome at St. Agnes. Please notify the teacher and school office of your wish to visit. Check in at the school office prior to visiting the classroom to obtain a visitor’s pass. If you should enter on the Parish side, please sign in there.


The student, teacher, or other staff member having a communicable disease is dealt with on a case by case basis in accordance with the guidelines for the disease issued by both state and local Health Departments, as well as the Center for Disease Control.


Morning bell rings at 7:55 a.m. for all students.

Classes begin at 8:00 for all students.

Morning recess for K-4 from 10:00 to 10:25 a.m.

Lunch Hours:

  • Kindergarten at 11:40 a.m. To 12:10 p.m.
  • 1-4 11:45 to 12:10 p.m.
  • 5-8 12:15 to 12:35 p.m.

Noon recess:

  • K-4 12:10 to 12:30 p.m.
  • 5-8 12:35 to 12:45 p.m.

K-8th dismissed at 3:15 p.m.


The seventh and eighth grade students may have school mixers with the approval of the class moderators and the administration. No dates are permitted. There is an 11 p.m. limit and the mixers may not be held on a school night. One faculty member and three other adults must be present as chaperones. Guidelines for chaperones are provided to them prior to the dance.


All students must be clean and well groomed.


  • NO: tank tops, sleeveless shirts (basketball jerseys), midriff shirts, thin strap T-shirts, shirts with suggestive messages or drug/alcohol advertisements.
  • NO: flip flops, all sandals must have an ankle strap.
  • Shorts may not be worn after October 15 or before April 16th
  • Shorts, skorts, skirts, or dresses will not be shorter that “finger-tip” length (when arms are extended at your sides while standing, your shorts, etc. Should be no shorter than where the tips of your fingers touch you leg).
  • Clothes will be the appropriate size for the student wearing them...no over-size T-shirts, baggy or sagging pants, no midriff showing t-shirts.
  • Tear- aways must be snapped at all times.


This will be expected of every student every Wednesday. There will be a few exceptions, as in the first week of school, the Tuesday letter will notify you of any additional dress-up days such as All-School Masses that don’t fall on Wednesday, special programs, May crowning, etc.


  • Denim Jeans (of any color)
  • Jean Shorts
  • Sweat pants are sweat shirts
  • Hooded sweat shirts
  • Tear-away pants
  • T-Shirts with any writing or advertising, (small pocket emblems on a plain colored
  • Shirt are permissable)
  • Wind suits
  • Athletic shorts (mesh, bike shorts, sweat shorts)
  • Overalls



  • skirts or dresses
  • skorts
  • jumpers

Boys and Girls:

  • dress pants or khakis
  • sweaters, vests
  • solid color shirts/blouses
  • collared shirts/blouses
  • dress shorts

If there is a question, the final decision remains with the principal. Should students attend school dressed in inappropriate attire, clothing will be provided by the principal. Students will be asked to go to the restroom and change into the appropriate attire.


Graduation is celebrated in Holy Rosary Church. The entire tone of graduation is in keeping with the Church environment. Student speeches and presentations are in good taste, which includes sensitivity and respect, and may also include a healthy sense of humor. Students must dress appropriately for graduation. The Pastor of Holy Rosary Parish and the Principal have the authority to require a student to change clothing in order to be dressed appropriately and/or to refuse a student’s participation in the Mass and the graduation ceremony if the student is not dressed appropriately. This dress code is also mandatory for any other students participating in or attending the graduation ceremony. A reception will be provided by the 7th grade class for the graduates, their families and friends following the graduation.


If a student needs to be dismissed early, the parents must send a note or call the office prior to the dismissal time so that teachers may be informed.


Accidents: All serious accidents are reported to the parents immediately. Accident forms will be provided to instructors to complete in the event that a significant accident occurs on campus. Copies of these forms will be kept in the school office.

Fire: Fire drills are held periodically during the school year. Evacuation procedures are posted in each classroom.

Tornado: Drills are conducted periodically. All students go to ground level.

Other: Bomb threat, intruder alert and other types of emergency procedure practices will occur occasionally during the school year.


All students gather on the blacktop at the Northwest corner of the school each morning. The morning bell rings at 7:55 a.m. Both the North door and the Middle West door are used by students entering the building.


Field trips are arranged with the permission of the administration. All field trips will be educationally based and will reflect curriculum goals. Teachers will notify students and parents of any and all field trips being planned by the 1st of October. Field trip experiences are made at the teacher’s discretion. Overnight field trips and school related trips must be approved by the Board of Education. Parents may be asked to drive, but only a driver who has furnished the school with their signed approval slip and driver’s license number will be allowed to drive. Field trip expenses will be covered by the parents of participating students.


Students may draw names at Christmas and exchange one gift at the party. Students may spend up to, but not exceeding $5.00. Students must have their parent’s permission to participate.


We have a hot lunch program that is served five days a week. All students are encouraged to use it. Lunch prices are $2.25 for students and $3.00 for adults. Meals consist of a main dish, vegetable, dessert, milk or juice. Meals may be purchased daily, weekly or monthly. They should be purchased from the home room teacher or the school secretary. Seconds of the main meal may also be purchased for $1.00. We participate in the National School lunch program. Applications for free/reduced lunches are available for everyone.

NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT: This explains what to do if you believe you have been treated unfairly: In accordance with Federal Law and US Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington DC 20250-9410 or call 202-720-5967 (voice and TDD) USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Students will be allowed to charge for 1 week only. Parents will be notified of the charges. the Student will be able to eat hot lunch until the bill is paid in full. Please do not bring fast food into the lunchroom for students, I.e. Taco John’s, McDonalds, etc. Parents are encouraged to take their child out for lunch instead or send sack lunch. Parents are asked to check in at the school office before entering the lunchroom.


Milk may be purchased for 35 cents at lunch time, or milk tickets may be purchased from the homeroom teacher for $3.50 for ten milks. Mild is provided for Kindergartens for snack time.


If a student becomes ill at school, he/she may ask the teacher’s permission to call home, or in the case of younger students, the teacher may call home. No student is allowed to go home without a parent or guardian’s knowledge.


No student may leave the premises during school hours unless he or she is with a parent or guardian, including lunch time. Prior arrangements must be made. If there is a question about who can or cannot pick up your child, please see the school secretary about filling out a notification form which indicates your special situation and who is authorized to escort your child.


If something is lost, students may check for it at the school office. It is recommended that articles of clothing, backpacks and lunches be clearly marked with the students name.


No Medications, including non- prescription medication such as Tylenol, may not be administered by any school personnel without parent permission. A form describing the medications to be given should be filed with the school secretary at the beginning of each year. All medications are to be kept in the school office. Students may be excused from classes to go to the office for their medications.


The Regulations for school health and safety, Rule 59 has a new regulation for the protocol to follow for emergency treatment for asthma of systemic allergic reaction. This protocol will be followed by trained personnel.


Students are not to bring large amounts of money or valuable articles to school.


Room parties for K-4 are scheduled for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Room mothers ask for volunteers and contributions to help with the parties. Please do not send personal invitations for parties to school unless the whole class is invited.


The Playground is supervised before school, at recess and at noon by staff members. Staff members work diligently to maintain the safety of all students and must sometimes make decisions based upon student behavior which are disappointing to the children. The decisions are based upon safety issues and are made with the children’s best interests in mind. Parents are asked to notify the school office and receive permission from the supervising teacher before entering the playground.


Tv’S, radios, CD or Tape players, cellular phones or electronic games are not permitted at school unless under teacher request for class purposes. If any of those items are brought to school and confiscated by the staff, the items will be kept until a parent can reclaim them.


If a parent wishes a student to stay in from recess due to a cold or recovery from a serious illness, or any other just reason, a written note must be submitted each day that this exception is requested. If a student brings an excessive number requests, in the judgment of the teacher, a doctor’s order may be requested by the teacher or principal.


Teachers are available from 7:55 a.m. Until 3:45 p.m. Each day. Students are not be on the playground before 7:45 each morning. School hours are from 7:55 a.m. To 3:15 p.m. Occasionally, there are “late starts” or “early dismissals”. These are announced well in advance in the letters home and in the church bulletin. The 2nd Wednesday of nearly every month is a regularly scheduled 12:00 p.m. Dismissal for faculty meetings.


There is an RN who is available to the school. She maintains the health records or the students and administers various check-ups during the year, such as eye, teeth and ear tests.


School pictures are usually taken in September by one of the local photographers. There are also group pictures of the class taken at this time. Purchase of the pictures is optional.


Boys and girls are trained to be altar servers beginning with the fifth grade. Occasionally the Servers are asked to serve at a funeral during school hours. Only members of Holy Rosary or St. Bridget’s church can be servers.


Skate boards, roller skates and roller blades are forbidden at all times including before And after school.


Social events are adequately supervised and adjusted to the level of maturity of the students. They are scheduled to avoid conflicts with family or religious obligations of the students and maintained at a reasonable expenses. St. Agnes Academy is considered responsible for the behavior of the students at any social event sponsored or sanctioned by the school. Parents are fully informed as to the time and place of events, the rules governing them and the limits of the school’s supervision.


The morning tardy bell rings at 8:05 am. Students are considered tardy if they are not in class by 8:05 a.m. Students arriving after the tardy bell, must check in at the school office before entering the classroom.


Students are to use the phone in the school office only, with the permission of a faculty member students may not use any other phones. Phone calls are limited to those of an emergency nature such as illness. Students are not to call home for forgotten school items or to make personal after school arrangements. Students are not called from class to answer phone calls except in an emergency. Messages may be left.


There are no school buses to transport students to and from school. It is the parent’s responsibility. Use of crosswalks will be enforced as will the yellow areas marked for drop-off and pick-up only. Also for safety reasons, driving through the northwest playground area, from 12th Street to the parking lot (also called the blacktop) between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00 pm is prohibited. Parents are encouraged to park in the Parish Center parking lot to pick up children, but may not park on the black top at any time.


On days when storms develop during the night, please listen to the local radio station, KCOW 1400 AM and 105.9 FM, for information about school closings. Please do not call faculty members to inquire about school closings. If school must be dismissed early, dismissal will not take place until it has been announced on the radio. Parents may use their own judgement in sending students to school on stormy days. Parents may call for their students before regular dismissal time on stormy days, but the principal is responsible for permitting students to leave only with the parents or with another adult known to have been authorized by the parent.



Kindergarten:The Students become aware of their faith through spiritual and social experiences. They also strive to develop a healthy attitude toward themselves and others in accordance with their Catholic faith.

First Grade: The Students learn about God the Father, who cares for them through the people who love them. They learn about Jesus family, Mary and Joseph. The students are helped to see that Jesus is human like them, as well as divine. They also learn beginning prayers, songs and scripture verses.

Second Grade:  The students prepare for the celebration of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Their development centers around learning about God, the loving father, and His gifts to us. They also learn about Jesus who teaches us of this Love and His gifts to us, especially the Eucharist, and the ways in which the Church fulfills the calling from the God to impart the teachings of Jesus.

Third Grade:  The Students learn about the role of the Holy Spirit and the interaction of each member of the church in helping build up the Body of Christ.

Fourth Grade:  The Students review their first celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and center their lessons around the Ten Commandments, learning their role as forgiving and forgiven people of God.

Fifth Grade:  The Students study the Sacraments. Opportunities are provided for the students to be present at the administration of sacraments they may not yet have received Opportunities are also provided for participation in Eucharistic Liturgies, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and other prayer services. They also study the Sacramentals, the church and the spiritual and Corporal works of mercy.

Sixth Grade:  The Students are given a sense of their roots in the covenant God made with the Jewish people, fulfilled and renewed in the covenant made through Jesus Christ, and lived today in the community of the Church.

Seventh Grade:  The Students review the seven Sacraments, the Beatitudes, the Commandments and various prayers. Special emphasis is on the story of Jesus, including his public ministry, the four Gospels and Jesus as Model. Next in emphasis is family, the life we celebrate, entering into the community of believers, and celebrating our freedom to serve.

Eight Grade:  The students explore their emerging adult Catholic values and are helped to integrate these values into their lives.


All school liturgies are usually celebrated on major feast days such as the Feast of St. Francis (around Oct 4) All Saints (Nov 1) Immaculate Conception (Dec 8) Catholic School Week (last week of Jan) Ash Wednesday and at the end of the school year. These are celebrated in the Church. The liturgies may be celebrated on certain other days of the year as the occasion arises. The classes take turns participating and in planning the weekly liturgies held in the chapel.  Penance services are usually celebrated at the school sometime during Advent and Lent.


Seventh and eighth grade students may have a “Day of Recollection ”. These are held locally and plans must be approved by the administration.

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