DGP and STEMS are studied weekly.  AR books are to be read outside of class and a library calendar should be viewed and signed every week-end.

The Giver, by Lois Lowry is the current novel study for the class.  It pairs quite nicely with the career unit we are undertaking.

Lois Lowry Website.  

Memory Exploration Site to Explore




A Career Unit will begin third quarter.  Students have created their own account and have been taking assessments and researching careers on Nebraska Career Connections.  Another site that is very helpful for research is O*NET.  A third site that has articles that could be used for research is Nebraska Access.  

Each 8th grader is REQUIRED to interview someone who is presently in the career they are researching (or something comparable).  

Work on the 2017-18 Yearbook is going very well!  Please talk with an 8th grade student if you are interested in placing an ad in the yearbook. Please be sure to take lots of photos and share them on the ReplayIt.app!

All 8th grade professionally taken photos should be e-mailed to Mrs. Gould by February 21st.  A baby photo and a quote should also be turned in on or before that date.

Yearbooks will start being sold on January 21st with all orders in by Feburary 28th.

Staff deadline for all pages is March 2nd and the yearbook will be submitted in completion on March 7th.  No orders or corrections can be made after this date.