Mr. Mark Glesinger

The 2017-2018 school year marks the 24th year for Mr. Glesinger at St. Agnes.  Mr. G. grew up in Spalding, Nebraska and graduated from Spalding Academy in 1985.  From there it was off to Kearney where Mr. G attended Kearney State College.  In 1990, Mr. Glesinger graduated from KSC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and History with a Coaching Endorsement.  Wheeler Central High School in Bartlett, Nebraska was Mr. Glesinger's first teaching job.  At Wheeler, Mr. Glesinger taught Junior High History and Science and Elementary P.E.  Mr. G taught at Wheeler for 3 years from 1991-1994 before moving to Alliance in the fall of 1994.  Current classes taught by Mr. Glesinger are:  5-8 History, 7-8 Physical Education and 8 Religion.  Other responsibilities for Mr. G include 7th grade Football at AMS and girls and boy's track at St. Agnes.  Mr. Glesinger is also the Assistant Principal at SA and one of the Athletic Directors.


Current assignments  

8th grade history   test over chapter 22 on Thursday, January 25

7th grade history   begin work on chapter 9

6th grade history    continue teaching projects over chapter 13

8th grade religion   Roots  NCEA test on Thursday, January 25

5th grade history   test over chapter 9 on Thursday, January 25

7/8 PE    hockey




Mr. Mark Glesinger

Mr. Mark Glesinger
8th Religion and 5th-8th Social Studies



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